The next generation of YODALEX/3 signalling devices is here

The standout feature of the new YODALEX/3 signalling devices is the extreme Ex e/Ex d connection chamber.

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Fast, clear and reliable alerts are vital in the event of imminent danger. As a leading supplier of explosion protection technologies, R. STAHL is launching the next generation of signalling devices. YODALEX/3 signalling devices are the ideal solution for alerting staff or notifying them of the status of production lines and processes. This not only maximises safety, but also minimises downtime.

The YODALEX/3 signalling devices are available as audible or visual devices, individually or combined. The devices give loud and clear signals thanks to the automatic synchronisation in systems with multiple units. The standout feature is the separate connection chamber (Ex e or Ex d versions), which allows the signalling devices to be installed quickly, simply and without any risks. The A/B control signals can be accessed directly – simply by opening a cover – enabling static or dynamic signal patterns to be configured (via jumper or wiring, respectively). In the worst-case scenario, audible signals (sound pressure level up to max. 120 dB(A) @ 1 m) warn of the hazard. The user can adapt the audible alerts to their environment using four sound channels and a selection of 64 different sounds. Ultra-bright LEDs (effective luminous intensity of 465 cd) or standard XENON (5/15 joules) lamps provide a visual alert and ensure safety at all times. A broad selection of preconfigured visual signal patterns, for example continuous light, blinking light, flashing light, rotating light, is available, as well as seven lens colours and four dynamically controllable channels for the LED lamps.

Developed and manufactured by R. STAHL, not only are they ideal for use in hazardous, harsh and extreme environments, they also possess all important global certificates. The YODALEX/3 signal units possess all relevant Ex certificates (UL/cUL, ATEX, IECEx, PESO, CCC, ITRI, etc.), marine certificates (ABS/DNVGL) and fire safety certificates (VDS, TR EAWU 043/2017, etc). Alongside the IP66/NEMA 4x classes, seawater-resistant aluminium with a powder coating ensures a long service life. And that's not all – they are suitable for use at ambient temperatures from -40 to +70 °C. This means that the YODALEX/3 signal units can be used in many different applications around the world, providing early and reliable alerts on land and at sea.


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