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Digital nameplates
in the era of
Industry 4.0

Harness the potential of Industry 4.0
with digital nameplates

A conventional nameplate is typically inscribed with the most crucial information about an industry product. But a physical nameplate is not large enough to contain all information important to operators, such as sketches, circuit diagrams, data sheets, or printed documents in various languages.

In the digital age of Industry 4.0, there are new possibilities for ensuring such data is easily accessible from the Cloud.

This innovation is called a digital nameplate. We explain how this Industry 4.0 solution works in the following video.  

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See the digital nameplate from R. STAHL in action
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The digital nameplate is the modern version of the analog nameplate, a technology that significantly simplifies the process of recalling and sharing product data. This future-proof solution saves time and costs, reduces logistical effort, makes documentation accessible worldwide, and has a smaller environmental footprint.

If that sounds good to you, visit our demonstrator to see it in action

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Make progress that you can rely on: Ensuring that data is both accessible and secure is the fundamental prerequisite to establishing intelligent, company-independent networks with Industry 4.0. 

In addition to its immediate benefits, the digital nameplate is a crucial steppingstone towards establishing effective and secure access to all product information via the asset administration shell

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Save time and money with a digital nameplate

R. STAHL is pushing digital twin technology forward and has already taken the first steps towards implementation. Here are cases for which digital nameplates are especially well-suited: 

  • Information about new firmware versions and security gaps:  
    Be notified the minute a new security patch or firmware version becomes available.
  • Simplified search for asset administration shells: 
    Say goodbye to tediously searching for product information. Everything you need is searchable and accessible in the Cloud.
  • Quickly complete return forms: 
    Return forms are automatically filled out with all necessary product information.
  • Digital maintenance manual for products, including simulated use cases: 
    The AAS can be used as a digital product passport to enable direct access to all maintenance data.
  • Access to all documents and certificates: 
    Operation manuals, circuit diagrams, and much more - everything can be stored and accessed via the AAS. In every available language. 
  • Instant access to the successor product: 
    Machine outage? Consult the AAS to instantly see if a successor product is available. With a single click, you can save resources, reduce machine downtime, and generate cost savings. 

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