Ex LED eye shower safety R. STAHL

The green light
for safety

The Future is Bright

More light means more safety, especially in industrial areas and facilities. For emergency lighting within eye shower areas, R. STAHL has developed modern, coloured LED lights.

Efficient. Cost-effective. Lasting.

Compared to traditional lighting techniques, modern LED technology is a simple choice. Simply energy efficient. Simply longer lasting. Simply low-maintenance.

With a range of different coloured LEDs, it is easy to target the ideal colour for your needs. It is due to these features that R. STAHL is bringing out a new, special luminary range to clearly and reliably mark emergency and eye wash showers.

Let there be light

With conventional lamp technology, colour saturation is always limited. With LEDs, all emergency sections are as bright as daylight. With LEDs, colour profiles can be tweaked to perfectly fulfil your needs; from photography and pharmaceutical sectors, where the blue light spectrum must be reduced, to the green needed to clearly identify safety areas.

LEDs make light work of solving the need for safety devices to be distinctly and visibly coloured. This is all without the disadvantages of conventional solutions, such as tinting through films or conversion filters.

LEDs are a perfect solution for everywhere where green illumination is mandated, such as emergency showers and eye wash stations in laboratories and manufacturing plants.

Ex LED color profiles safety R. STAHL
Ex green light emergency shower R. STAHL

Make Maintenance easy

Currently, it is usual for inefficient and error-prone illuminated luminaries with filters to be used at eye shower stations.

This system suffers from diminishing luminosity and peeling off paint. Constant maintenance is needed to ensure that signalling locations are working and that they are as safe as intended.

Not so with LEDs. Less error prone, and subject to much easier maintenance requirements. LEDs are an investment, not just in the safety of your staff but also the economic running of your premises.

According to DGUV Information 213-850, employers need to take all necessary measures to prevent occupational accidents, diseases and health hazards while ensuring that first aid is effective and quick. Eye showers need to be reached from any location in the lab within five seconds. When every second counts, clear, reliable lighting is a requirement and not a suggestion.

100,000 Hours of Safety

R. STAHL has developed a LED luminaire to reliably and recognizably illuminate emergency and eye wash showers, both indoors and outdoors. Based on the long-lasting and low-maintenance LED linear luminaire of the EXLUX 6002 series, the features include an impressive lifespan of 100,00 hours, a compact GRP housing and IP66 / 67 protection. R. STAHL's LEDs weigh just 4.3 kg for the 700 mm model and 6.6 kg for the 1310 mm model. Installation is easy, and the LEDs can be mounted on the ceiling, as a pendant, or as a pole light. An efficient power consumption of 22 W or 42 W ensures high efficiency, even while continuously operating. The devices are additionally certified for worldwide use in zones 1 and 21, and are able to withstand temperatures from -40° C to +60° C.

Suitable for all environments

R. STAHL's LEDs are suitable for all environments. Explosion-proof for ex-protection zones. Temperature resistant for extreme environments.

With integrated white LEDs in the middle of the luminaire, optimum visibility is obtained from a distance. Wherever eye wash stations or emergency showers need to be found, LED luminaires from R. STAHL shall light the way.

Safety first

R. STAHL's unique LED technologies are useful for more concepts than just eye wash stations and emergency showers. Blue lighting LEDs allow highlighting of fire extinguishers. R. STAHL’s LEDs also allow for lightfields that can be connected and disconnected as required. This allows for individual markings in industrial plants. Applications for these light fields include separating process stages and directing staff to correct evacuation locations. Engineered to perfection, these lightfields can be set to be completely invisible until needed, or set to use light shifted to yellow to prevent attracting wildlife.

Light up Your World

With the advantages of R. STAHL's LED technology, new possibilities are opened up for long-term, efficient lighting solutions. Innovative green lighting systems is just one of the many ways R. STAHL is making the future safer for everyone.