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Configuration software for grounding device 8485 Version 1_5_8 zip

Safe earthing for hazardous goods
Earthing monitoring devices eliminate explosion hazards when loading flammable liquids, gases and powders. In order to achieve this, they provide electrostatic earthing and monitor it continuously. R. STAHL supplies earthing systems for a huge variety of objects, with practical, cleverly designed additional functions to make your life easier.

R. STAHL supplies earthing monitoring devices for a wide variety of objects, such as tanker lorries, tank wagons, drums, etc. Our earthing systems use robust stainless steel earthing clamps. Not only this, but options such as the automatic retractor and practical accessories make this product very easy to use.

8150 and 8146 series devices provide earthing without object recognition and can be used universally. 8485 series earthing devices check the quality of the earth connection and detect whether the earthing clamp has been correctly secured to the object that is to be filled, and that it has not accidentally been secured to the loading equipment. This automatically eliminates the possibility of improper use.

  • Solutions for Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22
  • Solutions designed for a variety of objects such as tanker lorries, tank wagons, drums or FIBCs
  • User-friendly extras such as coiled cables and automatic retractors plus a wide range of accessories such as horns, beacons and key-operated switches

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