Zone 1 Field Switches

Zone 1 Field Switches

The Series 9740 Ethernet-APL field switches are intended for the connection of intrinsically safe "2-WISE" field devices to higher-level 4-wire Ethernet networks, and supply the devices with intrinsically safe power. The field switches can be installed in Zone 1. The integrated diagnostics functions of the Ethernet-APL field switches make commissioning or troubleshooting far easier and faster.

  • Operation of 16 Ethernet-APL or PROFIBUS PA field devices (PA proxy, only for 9740/12-16-40)
  • All spurs intrinsically safe "ia" (2-WISE) with port profile A or A+B (only for 9740/12-16-00)
  • Operation with 100BASE-TX (Zones 1, 2) and optionally 100BASE-FX (Zone 2)
  • Redundant auxiliary power supply and extensive integrated diagnostics
  • Installation in Zone 1

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