For complaints, please use the following RMA form. This ensures a quick and error-free assignment and processing of the return of goods.

RMA - RequestSend Complaint
Allgemeine Kontaktdaten Daten
Return delivery
Please be informed that after having checked the goods for the purposes of submitting a quote we shall set a period of 14 (fourteen) days for you to let us know whether you will place a repair order, whether you want us to return the goods or whether you want us to scrap them. Should there be no reply within this period of 14 days we shall set a period of a further six weeks for you to let us know whether you still need the goods. Should you not issue any statement during this period of time, we shall assume all and any property rights, rights of disposal or any other rights. We shall then be entitled to scrap the goods. In addition, we shall also be entitled to duly delete or destroy any data we may have received. We shall inform you of this consequence of not accepting the goods once again when setting the extended period of six weeks.